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The Hotel Management System of India Tax is the best hotel management software for hotel institutions. This small hotel, 3 Star Hotel, is built to manage 5 Star, it is a complete hotel management ERP that helps the hotel to make all aspect of hotel management easy through the hotel app or web app.

When the customer has made a booking, his name, his address, his details can be seen here.Admin can see all records like, How many times the customer has come to the room, what is his name?, how much he has been billed?etc. anytime and anywhere. With this, he can also make his bill, after the bill is created, the auto bill will be sent to WhatsApp or email.

Note:-The INDIA TAX HOTEL MANAGEMENT application is really simple with a user-friendly dashboard that will let you enjoy all the details of your hotel. The INDIA TAX HOTEL MANAGEMENT application is completely cloud-based and ensures 99.99999 SLA uptime, therefore, you can easily access your account irrespective of your location. TLS 1.2 Transport Security with ALS256 bit encryption (Https at SSL level) keeps your data safe and secure like a bank's website.

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