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How Does ESI Registration Work For You?

It offers workers various medical, monetary and other benefits. It is compulsory for all companies having more than 10 employees who draw a maximum monthly salary of ?15,000

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ESI (Employees' State Insurance) is mandatory for all companies having more than 10 employees

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Right from gathering the documents till the final registration, complete end-to-end legal assistance offered by legal experts

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Get it done in without any hassles and struggles. As of 15th February 2019 , ESIC contribution rates have been reduced.

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  Online ESI Registration - An Overview

Employee State Insurance or ESI is a scheme commenced by the Government of India to offer medical, monetary and other advantages to workers. ESI is managed by an autonomous authority - Employee State Insurance Corporation – which lies under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

  Benefits of ESI Registration

ESI Registration ensures that employees enjoy the following advantages under the Employees� State amit kumar

  Steps covered under ESIC (Employees' State Insurance) Registration Process

When you choose IndiaTax for ESI Registration, we complete it in three simple steps that take minimum possible time.

   Eligibility/entities covered under ESIC Registration in India

As per the ESI Act of 1948, all establishments are eligible for ESI registration provided they fulfill the criteria of having the required number of employees in that state. The entities covered are:

   Documents required for online ESI Registration

ESI registration requires the following documents to be submitted by the employer along with the application

   What are the criteria for filing returns after ESI registrations are finalised?

ESI returns are to be mandatorily filed bi-annually along with the following documents:

   How we help with ESI Online Registration?

If the processing time taken by authorities is not factored, Vakilsearch can get your ESI (Employees' State Insurance) registration as early as 12 days. When you consult with us on ESI Online Registration you get

   How can we help?

We help you get a secure GST Identification Number. We make it easy for you to get your GST from the comfort of your own home. We do the entire process online. We will file your returns and complete all other compliances as and when required.

FAQs on Online ESI Registration

To recognize each employee, the ESI scheme allots a unique identification number to every worker. This number is called the insurance number and is used for all operational purposes

The law of India states that it is mandatory for every employee to register within ESI. It is considered a statutory responsibility. A factory or establishment has to apply for the scheme within 15 days from the date it becomes eligible amit kumar

Once a factory or establishment is recognized within the ESIC Act, it has to file ESI returns two times per year. For each return filed, the underlying documents have to be submitted

ESI forms can be filled online but they require exact information with no buffer for mistakes. Additionally, the application is long and exhaustive and requires meticulous attention to be filled accurately. At Vakilsearch we ensure that no error is made and that the ESI registration is completed as fast as possible and with no glitches. We make the procedure seamless and smooth for you.

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