Patent Search

How Is A Patent Search Executed?

A patent is a legal document that gives the right or authority over a particular field of research, invention, or any other process, to a person applying for it



Database Search

A patent attorney will do a thorough search the patent database.

Step 1


Approval Chances

The lawyers will assess inventiveness through comparisons with similar works

Step 2



The attorney will then inform you whether or not you should make the application.

Step 3

  What is a Patent Search?

A patent gives its owner the right to prevent others from making, using, importing or selling his/her invention without approval. Before such a right is granted, a rigorous check is done on whether the process or product is inventive; or novel hasn't been anticipated in any published document; and industrially applicable (possesses utility). It involves a search of the intellectual property regulator of India’s database, to check whether there exists an object or invention that is the same as or similar to the applicant's invention.

  Benefits of a Patent Search

  Checklist For Patenting Inventions

Art, process, method or manner of manufacture Machine, apparatus or other articles Substances produced by manufacturing Computer software with technical application to industry or used with Hardware, and (5) Product patent for food, chemicals, medicines, and drugs. Why Is A Patent Search Essential

  Why Is A Patent Search Essential?

Every year, patent authorities get thousands of patent applications. Not all applications are approved by the authorities. The reason being there are other similar inventions/applications or the steps involved in the invention, and hence not innovative. For example, pharmaceutical companies in India file for patents every year when their research and development teams invent a product or mostly, the steps to formulate or derive a particular active ingredient (drug). Often, these drugs are not innovative and the innovation is not registered. Thus, instead of wasting time on the patent process, it is best to find out through Patent Search if there are any similar inventions/applications already patented

  How IndiaTax carries out its Patent Search Process

Publication In A Recognised Journal You would need to send in all the details regarding the Patent Search, including uses of the invention, benefits over existing products or processes and its publication in a recognised journal, if any.

  Trademark symbols and their usages

ou get the R symbol as soon as you file the trademark application for registration. This symbol helps protect the trademark from getting copied by others.

FAQs on Patent Search

20 years from the date of filing for a provisional or permanent patent, the patent falls into the public domain.

The details of the invention can be shared on a CD or a pen drive, along with its name, comparison with existing products, uses, and date of publication (if any). Applicant information is also required.

A patentee must disclose the invention in the patent document for anyone to practice it after the expiry of the patent, or practice it with the consent of the patent holder during the life of the patent

Yes. An affidavit mentioning the usage of the Trademark has to be submitted mandatorily.




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